The Nudge Podcast is now part of Hookturn

As of this week, The Nudge Podcast has moved to be a part of the Hookturn label. This site will be used for news about The Nudge live events (which we hope to start again in February). Meanwhile, if you’re looking for The Nudge and some other excellent podcasts, head over to The RSS […]

Episode 8


There are so many ways designers run themselves out of business by dealing poorly with money and clients. Paula Ngov gives us some pointers about the right way to have these conversations and stay in the business of making great designs and solving great problems.

Uber Melbourne is sponsoring The Nudge

Hey Everyone! Uber Melbourne is supporting The Nudge by offering attendees free travel up to $40. For new Uber riders, effective immediately: Code: NudgeSep – valid to midnight 27 Sep 2013 – 1 free ride up to $40 in Melbourne only – new riders only For existing riders on the night of the event: Code: NudgeSepLive […]

Live: Wednesday, 25th September 2013 6:00pm

Colouring Telstra’s Brand

Last time we met, The Nudge: LIVE spoke to Marketing & Communications Manager at Victorian Opera (VO), Kanesan Nathan. All who came had learned how VO commissioned graphic designs onto their 2014 Season Materials. For our next event, The Nudge is getting colourful. When: Wednesday, 25 September 2013 at 6:00pm Where: Loop Bar, 23 Meyers […]

Uber sponsoring The Nudge live event tonight

Hey Everyone! Uber are supporting The Nudge by offering attendees free travel up to $40. Valid for new users between 4pm and midnight tonight, use the offer code NudgeAug before you book your trip. Find out more about Uber’s service on their website.